Straighten the Crooked

From a warehouse in the bustling metropolis of Longmont, CO we give you Straighten the Crooked. Formed by Matt and Zach in August of 2009 as a punk rock band, they quickly started a search for a drummer. After auditioning a handful of drummers over the next four months Geoff finally came along and transformed the band into what it is today… A metal band with much love for all that is heavy.

After recording their first demo with Jamie at Module Overload, they set out to play some shows. After a year of playing shows, they returned to the studio, this time with Bart at Motaland, to record their first EP. It’s been mastered and we’re scraping together the funds to get it to press this summer or fall.

Straighten the Crooked - Zach

Zach has only sang in a cover band and a couple random songs here an there in old bands so cut him some slack. In 21 years of playing bass he’s been in a handful of bands but nothing quite as awesome as STC. He plays G&L basses and Ampeg heads and cabinets.

Straighten the Crooked - Matt

Matt has played guitar for a lot of years and has been in a few bands; the most recent being Holley 750. Matt plays Yamaha guitars and uses Ampeg heads and Emperor cabs.

Straighten the Crooked - Geoff

Geoff moved here from Phoenix a couple years ago where he was formerly the drummer of Hell Rancho. Geoff has been playing drums for a long time, plays a Gretch kit, and uses giant sticks.