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We have a drummer!

Hey, everyone! We have a drummer. His name is John and he’s rad. He’s been playing for a long time and was formerly in the band Unloader. We’ve been practicing for a couple months now, wrote a new song, have about a 30 minute set, and are looking to book shows. Send an email if you have something in mind.

STC featured on’s New Band to Burn One To!

Big thanks to Heavy Planet for featuring us on today’s New Band To Burn One To. It’s an awesome site with tons of great music and reviews and we’re proud to have made the list.

Denver Doomfest!!!

We’re signed on to play Denver Doomfest! Dec 3rd, 5:00, Larimer Lounge, 21+, $12. Word is we’re playing early so it’d be rad if you come early to see us! Bitchin’ poster too…

Info and hype can be found at Doomfest’s Facebook page.

Denver Doomfest

Big thanks to Love thy Chopper.

Man, we had an awesome time. Big thanks to the folks that put the show on, all the people that showed up, and to all the bands that played.


Love they Chopper

Into the Studio!

A week from tomorrow, we’ll be in the studio re-recording a couple tracks (Buried and Become the Man) and recording two new tracks (Lay in Hell and Save Our Lives) in the hopes we’ll be releasing a full-blown EP this summer! We’ll maybe get to other songs if we have time, but we’ll see. We’re going to be recording at Motaland this time around to see what they have to offer and are stoked to get back into the studio.

Following that we’re going to put together an EP and have a release party soon so look for that!

Take it easy.

Our website… Finally

Wow, finally… About time. Sick of the inefficiencies of facebook, the fact there’s nobody on myspace, and only bands on reverbnation. So here we are. Hopefully this pans out and folks visit from time to time.

There will be more updates as time goes on, but here’s the start. Hopefully you’ll be at the 3 Kings show with Xiphoid Process on April 15th. It’ll be our last show for a while as we record at Motaland in May. Then it’s EP release time!

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Upcoming Shows

No upcoming shows, but...
We have a new drummer, his name is John, and we are looking to book shows.